Managing the Okanagan’s Gardens

4 Seasons Garden Management in Kelowna BC, is owned and operated by Shane McMinn, local garden enthusiast and horticulturalist with over 25 years of experience. Customized gardening schedules are available for home owners, building managers and strata councils to keep yard maintenance on track. I offer pressure washing services to freshen your walkways and back yards along with planting and pruning. Lawn maintenance services include mowing, trimming, edging, aeration, thatching and fertilization, during the appropriate seasons.

Did You Know?

 Kelowna is classified as a semi-arid continental climate, with mild below zero winters and hot, dry, sunny summers. Managing your backyard garden for maximum benefits includes seasonal efforts for the appropriate times to plant, prune and apply fertilizer.

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Need a new lawn? Establishing a lawn may take more than one season, but spring is the time to plant new grass seeds on freshly prepared soil. Water conservation is at the top of a gardener’s list, but a small lawn incorporated under the shade of your house provides a beautiful natural space that connects you with nature. Tall Fescue (turf type) is one example of a grass species that is drought resistant, hardy, and tough enough for kids and pets. Late spring – summer blooming perennials such as dahlia and gladiolas are best planted in late spring after all danger of frost has passed. Annual flowers are now planted that will bloom in vibrant colours until first frost.

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Lawn maintenance and watering are some of the biggest issues for gardeners during the summer months along with weed control and general garden care. This is the season that gardens are enjoyed in full bloom throughout the Okanagan Valley and need weekly management.

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Fall is the time to plant perennial bulbs (such as daffodils and daylilies) after the soil cools off but the ground is still workable for planting. Garden cleanup time has arrived, along with mulching, turfing and leaf removal.

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Pruning during winter dormancy is the most common practice and results in a new burst of growth in the spring. Pruning is done for several reasons, including removing dead or diseased wood that can affect the health of your tree or shrub, and pruning flowering shrubs to enhance bloom.


Rockery, West Kelowna, 2019
View from garden, Lawn Turf Replacement, Shannon Lake, 2019
View from garden, Lawn Turf Replacement, Shannon Lake, 2019
View from house, Lawn Turf Replacement, Shannon Lake, 2019
View from house, Lawn Turf Replacement, Shannon Lake, 2019
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